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I have always really enjoyed courses, seminars and workshops especially if they are on any subject related to women, babies and childbirth. Having trained in 2009 to be a doula; in 2012 I started working as an NHS doula as well as private doula. As an NHS doula I continually and happily attend ‘in house’ courses at Chelsea & Westminster hospital. For Doula UK I happily also need to keep up with my CPD (continuing professional development) to broaden my understanding and knowledge and to keep up to date on what’s available for new parents. Below are some of the courses I have really enjoyed. Two workshops that I am looking to enrol in the future are an update on the induction of labour and a refresher on Rebozo.

Keeping up to date

March 2017 / Doula UK Annual Conference in Manchester

Starring Ina May Gaskin who is such a legend in the maternity world and Consultant Obstetrician Andy Simm who is renowned for his 'Gentle Caesarean' method at Nottingham hospital.

February 2017 / Twins Study Day with Younique Postnatal

Covering everything from the zygosity and chorionicity of twins through the birth options to the support after they are born.

June 2016 / Vaginal Breech Birth - Study Day with Shawn Walker

Inspiring evidence and practice concerning vaginal breech birth

June 2016 / Doula Update Training Day

June 2016 / Maternity Update Study Day

Feb 2016 / Maternity Update Study Day

Nov 2015 /Birthing Centre Update Study Day

June 2015 / Sleep Study Day

June 2015 – Sleep Study Day held by ISIS – Infant Sleep Information Source

Every mother & maternity worker should attend this brilliant day

May 2015 / Doula Update Training Day

Nov 2014 / Maternity Update Study Day

Nov 2014 / Bereavement Study Day

- In conjunction with a children’s hospice

Oct 2014 / Promoting Natural Birth

Conference at St Georges hospital

Sept 2014 / Alcohol in Pregnancy - study day by NOFAS

They prove it is best to have no alcohol in pregnancy

May 2014 / Baby Loss Stillbirth and Neonatal death study day Cambridge with Mel

A very moving and thought provoking day

May 2014 / Doula UK national conference in London

Annual conference which I to attend each year with various workshops & speakers

Feb 2014 / Guest Speaker at Kings College

I was a full day guest speak to various groups of midwifes (over 100) at Kings University college

Feb 2014 / Domestic Violence training day

To help staff look out for and discuss domestic violence if they consider it necessary

Dec 2013 / Birthing Unit training day

In house training for the unit I work on

Sept 2013 / Tongue Tie course - at Kings Hospital Denmark Hill

A useful day allowing me to feel more confident in identifying tongue tie.

March 2013 / Making a Difference

The overall goal of the training was to gain practical knowledge about child abuse and children exposed to family violence, enhancing the confidence to respond to suspicions of abuse, the ability to provide support to children, youth and their families and to raise awareness and promote early identification and effective intervention.

Jan 2013 / Nursing & Midwifery Induction

2 day intensive course

Nov 2012 / Child Protection

Oct 2012 / Breast Feeding Management

2 day intensive course

Jan 2013 / Nursing & Midwifery Induction - 2 day intensive course

November 2011 / ‘Orgasmic Birth'

Workshop with Debra Pascali-Bonaro including the use of the Rebozo scarf

July 2011 / Baby Developmental Massage

I qualified as a Baby Developmental Massage Instructor.

March 2011 / NCT’s Stacia Smales Birth Preparation

I went to this intensive weekend for couples as an observer, as many of my clients do this (or a similar) course. I wanted an insight to what they were being shown. Susan Jeffries, Lactation Consultant from Chelsea and Westminster hospital also held a presentation

January 2011 / Basic Life Support Training

Life support for infants, children and adults - this included CPR and using a defibrillator.

November 2010 / Home Birth

Study day designed to help doulas support parents who are considering or having a home birth

October 2010 / Nurturing Birth

Workshop for experienced Birth Doulas, Level 2. This explored both emotions and best practises in my work as a birth doula.

October 2010 / Chi Kung Workshop

Workshop on using Chi Kung during pregnancy safely, to keep 'mum to be' supple and aid with problems like high blood pressure.

May 2010 / Breast Feeding Study Day

Presented by Dr Jack Newman author of The Ultimate Breast Feeding Book of Answers. This study day allowed me to refresh my breast feeding knowledge from when I had worked as a Nursery Nurse on the wards at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.

February 2010 / Supporting Fathers Prenatally and Through Childbirth

Workshop run by Patrick M. Houser, author of the Fathers-To-Be Handbook. I found this workshop very useful and encouraging of how I was already supporting the father to be which was great.

January 2010 / Hypnotherapy

Workshop which now gives me an understanding of 'Natal Hypnotherapy’, should you choose to use this method during your labour. It also gave me an even broader approach for helping a woman in labour to relax and so have a more empowering birth.

October 2009 / Waterbirth Study Day

With Dianne Garland, midwife and water birth expert, international lecturer and author. Probably the most useful course I have completed as so many new mums to be often are keen to use a pool at various stages of their labour.

September 2009 / Surviving Post-natal Depression

Seminar by Elaine A. Hanzak, author of Eyes without Sparkle – a journey through postnatal illness, an area I am very interested in.

May 2009 / Doula Training

I completed my Doula training with Dr Michel Odent, renowned for his work on water births in the 70s, and Liliana Lammers of Paramana

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