Shared Care with Nike & Lucy or Julia

Being a doula is a wonderful way of life however after about 20 births I realised that my 100% commitment to be on call for each of my births concerned me – I worried I may let someone down. What if I had appendicitis!

I came up with an idea I had seen work well for the Rainbow Team; a small intimate team of homebirth midwives at St Georges hospital - Shared Care. I then set out to find local doulas whom I liked, respected and most importantly doulas who I knew had the same approach and ethos to childbirth and clients as myself. Julia, Lucy and Nike whom I had worked with previously at Chelsea and Westminster hospital were the perfect candidates or I could even say culprits ;-)

How does shared care work?

Here for you - come what may

With the idea of ‘Shared Care’ in mind, I met Nike Bielby, Lucy Pilington and Julia Woodman and my problems were solved - they are all awesome, with their immense knowledge, complete openness and huge smiles.

We soon realised that by engaging in 'Shared Care' we could bring our clients even more support by pooling our knowledge and techniques, We trialled this on several clients and it was a huge success. Our clients felt incredibly supported, liking our approach, attitude and the relaxing air we brought to the whole birth experience. Shared Care means two of us attend the antenatal meetings and then just one of us attends the birth and goes on to visit you at home around day three and again a few days later postnatally.

Lucy says: "I have 30 years of experience working in healthcare initially as a nurse both in the NHS and the private sector and then as a doula at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. I enjoy working with couples both as a doula, a reflexologist and as a hypnobirthing teacher, preparing them for and supporting them on this amazing journey through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood. My passion for pregnancy and birth was born out of my own birth experiences in 2001 and 2004 when I had an amazing doula (who my husband wouldn’t have been without) and this prompted me to train myself. '

Nike says: "I am an experienced birth and postnatal doula passionate about pregnancy, birth and beyond who enjoys supporting families locally and keeping in touch following their birth. I have a sound knowledge of the NHS system having worked as a doula at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital with strong links to many London hospital trusts but have also supported private midwifery and obstetric led care'

Julia Woodman

Julia says: " I trained as a doula in 2010 and after supporting well over 100 families consider myself to be an experienced birth and postnatal doula. Working as an NHS doula for over 2 years alongside Kayla, Nike, Lucy, the dedicated and wonderful midwives and obstetricians, further enhanced my skill set. Providing that continuity of care to couples antenatally, being present at the birth and supporting them postnatally as they grow into confident and empowered parents gives me the greatest joy.

Alongside the Shared Care Birth Package with Kayla and Nike, I also offer Postnatal and Overnight doula care. The overnight care is similar to that a night nanny or maternity nurse offers with the difference being that I do not live in plus the holistic family approach of a doula with a wealth of experience.'.

"I booked shared care with Kayla & Lucy. They were both fantastic and were an amazing resource to me through my pregnancy. On the day I went into labour I had no idea which doula would attend but it was Lucy who helped me but I am sure I would have been as well cared for with Kayla. Both are exceptionally talented and know Chelsea and Westminster hospital inside out, which is a big help while you are there. In the end my VBAC was a breeze and recovery was so easy compared to my c-section. I am so grateful we used them as it all happened so fast there is no way I would have made it to the hospital without their help. Highly recommend."

VBAC - Chelsea

My husband and I booked shared care with Kayla & Nike and instantly felt more confident with having a VBAC . Then given the unexpectedly speedy arrival of our daughter, Kayla's calmness and reassurance throughout resulted in a quick, uncomplicated and intervention free birth. Many thanks Kayla - she may have been born in the toilet without you!

VBAC - Fulham

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